25 November 2016

SPACE MONKEYS The Daddy of Them All 1997


The Space Monkeys were a four-piece band from Manchester, England, signed to Factory Records and Interscope Records in the USA. The band members were Richard McNevin-Duff (lead singer and guitarist), Tony Pipes (DJ, keyboards, and samples), Dom Morrison (bass), and Chas Morrison (drums).They released their first album, The Daddy of Them All, on November 4, 1997. The single "Sugar Cane" from this album reached 58 on the Billboard chart. The music video for this single was the second video from famed photographer David LaChapelle and featured hip hop legends Rock Steady Crew. The band toured the US and Europe with Smash Mouth and Third Eye Blind. The song "Drug Soup" was recorded especially for and features in the soundtrack of the Gwyneth Paltrow movie Sliding Doors.
The band went on to record a second album, Escape from the 20th Century, which included tracks produced by legendary hip hop producer Prince Paul. However, due to the collapse of Factory Records and other problems, this album was never released and resides somewhere in a studio vault. The group disbanded shortly after this; Richard McNevin-Duff and Tony Pipes went on to release an EP under the guise of "Munki" (contributing a re-working of the track "Ulysses" to Manchester Aid to Kosovo's "Cohesion" compiltation) and Chas Morrison joined avant-garde drum and bass group RSL, and more recently, desert rock meets bunnymen band, Strays.


1 Acid House Killed Rock And Roll 3:51
2 Blowing Down The Stylus 3:51
3 Sugar Cane 3:26
4 Inside My Soul 3:15
5 Ready For The Rampage 6:14
6 Dear Dhinus 4:06
7 Smile America 4:42
8 Let It Shine 4:54
9 We Are The Supercool 3:42
10 Sweetest Dream 3:14
11 March Of The Scarecrows 6:43

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