04 November 2016

T.V. KILLERS Adrenalin Fix 1996

by request

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French retro-punksters the TV Killers were formed in 1992 when its four charter members were teenagers; the band really started to take off in 1997, when the membership expanded to a quintet of vocalist François (aka Mimos), guitarists Olivier (aka OD) and Philippe (aka Guzz), bassist Buzz, and drummer Xavier. Early European releases include the Adrenalin Fix and Fuckin' Frenchies albums, from which their 1999 American debut compilation, Playin' Bad Music Since '92, was culled. Their first collection of new material to be released in the States, Have a Blitz on You, appeared in 1999 as well. 


1 Adrenalin Fix 1:59
2 Toujours Pareil 2:21
3 I've Got It 2:31
4 Gun Boy 2:35
5 Lay Down 2:32
6 Plus De Repères 3:57
7 Deadly Driving 2:41
8 Sans Issue 2:03
9 Born Weid 1:58
10 Taxi Driver 2:49
11 Joke 2:38

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