16 November 2016

TWENTY MONDAYS The Twist Inside 1991

by request

Houston music history is crowded with talented bands who fell by the wayside on their way to the big leagues, but Twenty Mondays got further than most. That was a deal with L.A.’s Spindletop Records that yielded one album, Twist Inside, and nearly another one before life had other plans for the band. Originally released in 1991, is shrouded in mysterious melodies, echoing several thinking-man’s alternative bands of the era — R.E.M., Split Enz, Talk Talk — while very much remaining its own animal.


1 Lost Another Day 3:59
2 I Scream 3:42
3 June in May 4:44
4 The Minister 3:41
5 Only You Can Make Me 5:48
6 God's Song 4:10
7 Springtime Girl 4:50
8 Cracks in the Wall 5:26
9 The Twist Inside 5:36
10 Little Girl 4:38
11 The Morning 5:01

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