25 November 2016

SEKIRI Take Me To Sekiri 1991

by request

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Take Me to Sekiri is a fairly conventional slice of Japanese girl punk, but not at all in the chirpy, squeaky clean style of bands like Shonen Knife, -- Sekiri draws enough influence from Japan's heavy garage scene to wind up with a thrashy riff-rock sensibility that seems a lot like Black Sabbath covering simplistic punk tunes. This sound isn't quite as impressive as Japan's purveyors of more extreme garage, but it does have a definite purity of sound that is, for the most part, vastly entertaining. 


1 Death Match
2 4649 (Yoroshiku)
3 Yodel-Ay-Hee
4 Doro Doro Oedo
5 Katsu Katsu Rock
6 Dara Dara
7 Youth (Seishun)
8 Bad Day Rhapsody
9 Chameleon
10 Let's Fuck
11 Chittaka
12 Endless
13 Crazy Starlight Tonight (Konya Seiko Ranman)
14 Let's Fuck (Alternate Version)
15 Background Music (Unreleased Version)

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