08 August 2011

THE BUCK PETS To the Quick 1993

To the Quick

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by Chris True
Formed in Dallas, TX in the late '80s, the Buck Pets (Tony Alba, drums, Ian Beach, bass, Chris Savage, guitar and vocals, and Andy Thompson, guitar and vocals) released three albums during the transition from the '80s to the '90s before splitting for good in 1993. Markedly influenced by early indie rock giants such as the Replacements, the Buck Pets scored a deal with Island, which released their first two albums, 1989's The Buck Pets and 1990s Mercurotones. The band would score opening act gigs for alt-rock giants Jane's Addiction and would work with producers Michael Beinhorn and the Dust Brothers, but commercial success was evasive -- the majority of the record buying populace were still a year or two away from rambunctious alt-rock and diversions into dancier territory -- and the Buck Pets called it a day after their Restless released final full-length, To the Quick in 1993.


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