24 August 2011

SWEET WATER self titled 1993

by request



by Chris True
A Seattle, WA based band that got rolling just as that city's musical revolution of the early 1990s was taking hold -- their first show happened to be with a band (also making its first live appearance) named Mookie Blaylock, who would go on to find a bit of success as Pearl Jam -- Sweet Water managed to ply their trade through the waning years of the alt rock movement before being felled by the dreaded "hiatus" in 1999. Originally known as S.G.M., Sweet Water rode the wave of interest in the Pacific Northwest's musical offerings, and landed a major-label deal with Atlantic in 1992. The self-titled offering (not their first, however. The band put forth an independent release called Ter in 1990.) was a moderate success, but nowhere near that of other acts from the scene, i.e., » Read more


1 Crawl 4:23
2 Everything Will Be All Right 4:14
3 Head Down 3:43
4 Sleep 4:00
5 Stripped Down 4:47
6 Where Has The Day Gone 7:03
7 King Of '79 3:49
8 Losing 3:44
9 Can't Say No 5:12
10 Feel Good 3:25
11 Like A Child 4:44
12 [Untitled] 1:24


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