08 August 2011

NOTHING PAINTED BLUE The Monte Carlo Method 1998

By request


by Greg Prato
Nothing Painted Blue's intellectual rock style took off back in 1987 in Los Angeles. Vocalist/guitarist Franklin Bruno and drummer Kyle Brodie are the only original members still remaining, with numerous bass players coming and going, but their sound has remained constant throughout all of the lineup changes over the years.
The group worked out their sound while playing frat parties in California, and by the time of their 1990 recording debut, A Baby, A Blanket, A Packet of Seeds, their signature new wave pop sound had fully blossomed.

The band continued touring and releasing twisted pop albums (Power Trips Down … » Read more


1 Willingness
2 Shameproof Flirt
3 Collage Elements
4 Modern Again
5 Explorer Scout
6 Cathexis
7 Niacin
8 2nd Class Citizen
9 Spent
10 Developer's Dream
11 I Should Be With You
12 Growth Spurt
13 Off The Face