08 August 2011

MONKS OF DOOM Meridian 1991

By request


by Stacia Proefrock

Beginning as a side project in 1985 for Camper Van Beethoven members Greg Lisher (guitar), Victor Krummenacher (bass), and Chris Pedersen (drums), Monks of Doom became a full-time band when David Lowery (who later formed Cracker) left Camper Van Beethoven following the 1989 album Key Lime Pie. The addition of Ophelias guitarist David Immergluck rounded out the lineup that would go into the studio and record the Monks' first … » Read more


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Ruben Chandler said...

Thanks for posting this stuff. I was the original drummer for the Ophelias and the Catheads, for that matter, as well as the Hollow Men.

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