19 August 2011

POP SICKLE Under the Influences 1993

By request


by Mike DaRonco

The Seattle trio outfit of Pop Sickle contained a sound of upbeat pop-punk that reminisced an early British influence of the Buzzcocks and Squeeze. Founded by ex-Coffin Break member Rob Skinner, the addition of drummer Shawn Trudeau and guitarist Brian Naubert completed the lineup as Skinner himself took on vocal and bass responsibilities. C/Z Records packaged Pop Sickle's first album Under the Influence in 1993, which was followed by the band's relocation to Brookfield, MO, in 1994. The follow-up EP 1977 Owner's Manual was released through -ismist Records in 1995. But by 1996, Pop Sickle returned to Seattle and quickly broke up, with Naubert moving on to Tube Top and Trudeau joining the Meices.