01 August 2011

DEF FX Baptism 1993

By request

by Jody Macgregor
Def FX were an Australian electronic rock band of the '90s, supposedly named by their manager throwing a pile of CDs together and choosing a name based on the top two -- a Def Jam compilation and an album of BBC sound effects. Their music was just as odd a match, mixing house and heavy metal with surfer hippie lyrics. The band's founder, keyboardist, sampler, and backing vocalist Sean Lowry would later claim that he had created their music using a database of Top 40 hits, which he digitally manipulated to create the basis for new songs that nevertheless sounded familiar enough to engage listeners. Also encrypted within their songs were the neo-pagan sensibilities of lead singer Fiona Horne, who would go on to be famous for her writing about modern witchcraft.

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