21 August 2011

U.S. SAUCER Hell Yes! 1997

By request


by Greg Prato

U.S. Saucer's sleepy brand of rock is a mix of Red Red Meat's raw production and slurred vocals, with Morphine's sense of the experimental and the unconventional. Whereas Morphine is a trio without a guitarist, U.S. Saucer is a trio without a drummer.

The San Francisco-based band (which consists of singer/bassist David Tholfsen, singer/guitarist Margaret Murray, and Brian Hageman on guitar, vocals, and viola) produces an original take on blues/country/folk. Although Tholfsen's vocals certainly are an acquired taste (a mix of moaning and yodeling), music fans searching for the cutting edge and the uncommon will be in for a pleasant surprise. The band has released a total of three full-length albums for Amarillo Records -- 1992's My Company Is Misery, 1994's Tender Places Come from Nothing, and 1997's Hell, Yes! -- and have also appeared on a handful of compilations for small labels in countries such as Germany and Canada.