14 June 2014

DRIPPING GOSS Blue Collar Black Future 1998

Thanks to Dsvvsd

Hailing from the overwhelming foliage of upstate New York, it was 1987 when brothers Brian and Tommy Goss decided to take their musical interests one step further than record collecting and tape trading. With Brian on guitar and Tommy demonstrating his drum skills, a band called The Warmjets saw the siblings as dueling musical mentors. Michael Billera, who would eventually become known as the “flame blower” in the band to come, fronted the band and by 1988 The Warmjets had moved to NYC. It was there that the band released the first 7” EP on Bob Mould’s then brand new S. O.L. Records before splitting temporarily to explore other musical interests.

The brothers inevitably reunited in 1991 along with long time friend Tony Ricci to play bass. The sound resembled nothing of its kind. Driven by a vast array of influences from psychedelic ‘65, straight-up garage rock, and funk to metal, punk and noise, the band hadn’t a tune that wasn’t somehow obscure, dark, gripping, and catchy while maintaining a pressing, heavyset edge, and with that came the name DRIPPING GOSS. A title that’s intriguing meaning is a foreshadow of the band’s consuming vibe. The band’s first record answered to the name of Flake, a manifestation of acid rock brilliance. Released on the bands’ own BTG Records (Brian & Tommy Goss), beefy, rock-fueled rhythms meshed with controlling yet soothing vocal tracks inadvertently bred a following the band hadn’t anticipated in such a brief time.

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