01 June 2014

VARIOUS ARTISTS Empty Records Sampler 2 1997

Thanks to Reuben


1 Motards, The Self Destruction (Prev. Unreleased)
2 X-Rays, The* Thrown Up
3 Fumes, The (2) Depression
4 Derelicts, The I Wanna Get Out
5 Steel Wool Combine
6 Meanies, The Them
7 Scared Of Chaka Toilet Duck
8 Sicko Indie Rock Daydream (Prev. Unreleased)
9 Satan's Pilgrims Devil's Punchbowl
10 Crackerbash Bandages
11 Sinister Six Kill You Tonight
12 Zipgun Tight Black Pants
13 Gas Huffer Bomb Squad
14 Putters, The Muscle Car
15 X-Rays, The* Grease Monkey Go (Prev. Unreleased)
16 Motards, The Shut Your Face
17 Fumes, The (2) She Wears Boots
18 Derelicts, The Life Of Strife
19 Putters, The Mistakes
20 Gas Huffer Night Train To Spokane
21 Zipgun Put Me Away
22 Meanies, The Emulator
23 Steel Wool I Don't Want One
24 Crackerbash Your Gate (Prev. Unreleased)
25 Scared Of Chaka Wanna Make It Happen
26 Satan's Pilgrims Turkey Trot
27 Sicko Wave Motion Gun
28 Sinister Six Go Away
29 X-Rays, The* Haitian Voodoo Baby


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