04 June 2014


self titled


20th Century Zen 3:10
Only Dreaming 3:38
Introverted Skies 3:32
Moonspiders 4:43
A Sad One 4:54
Alright 4:58
Your Ground 4:27
Play Inside 2:45
Windows 4:40
Where On Earth 5:35
Shimmering 3:58
Hold On 5:03
Unlisted Track 2:55
Unlisted Track 1:15
 The First Second
Thanks to Dsvvsd

Artist Biography by

Maids of Gravity briefly floated into the public consciousness with the hallucinogenic "Only Dreaming" in 1995, a track from their self-titled debut album. Maids of Gravity formed in the early '90s by Ed Ruscha (vocals, guitar) after he left Medicine. Named after a group Ruscha saw in a dream, the L.A.-based Maids of Gravity recorded their first full-length in 1994 for Vernon Yard Records. Also featuring guitarist Jim Putnam (also formerly of Medicine) and drummer Irwin, Maids of Gravity's neo-psychedelic sound countered the grunge trend of the early '90s, but "Only Dreaming" was the only song that was able to penetrate the heap of Nirvana and Pearl Jam clones. Nevertheless, it was enough to get Maids of Gravity invited to radio-station festivals and opening slots for Bush and Matthew Sweet. In 1996, the band hired Velvet Underground legend John Cale to produce their next album, The First Second. On The First Second, Maids of Gravity ventured further into acid rock, weaving otherworldly lyrics with drugged-out guitar jams. Eugene Gorester (guitar) and Mark Kay (bass) were added to the group. Maids of Gravity released Strange Channel in 2000.


Half Awake 3:52
Don't You Disagree 4:11
Light You Gave 3:24
No Room 2:57
Another One 2:49
Golden Harm 0:45
Can't Loose 3:01
Looks The Same 5:02
Islands 3:16
Live And Die 3:33
In The Days 3:14
It Don't Have To Be 5:05


IHateThe90s said...


IHateThe90s said...

i love the first Maids of Gravity album, but never knew they had a second one! Thanks!