27 June 2014

THE NECESSARY EVILS Spider Fingers 1996

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After the sudden break up of The Beguiled in 1994, singer Steve Pallow gathered up ex-Fireworks guitarist James and former Nick Knox drummer Kyle to form The Necessary Evils the following year. Starting out as a home recording project, the band immediately followed with two seven-iches in 1995 and an album entitled Spider Fingers on In The Red Records released two years later. The second album The Sicko Inside Me came out in 1999 with their tributes to lo-fi 60's garage rock. 


1 Flames O' Heat
2 Pretty White Girl On A Black Death Train
3 Lost My Baby
4 Motorwitch
5 William
6 Back-Stabber
7 Tragedy
8 The Deceiver
9 Alone And Dead
10 Rock 'N' Roll
11 Skin Ripper
12 State Of Confusion

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