01 June 2014

MURDER 1 American Junkie 1999

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A byproduct of the increasingly incestuous East Coast stoner rock scene, Murder 1 were formed in 1995 and made their debut two years later with the cleverly titled Shopping for Porn LP. Just as irreverent, 1999's American Junkie featured song titles like "You F*cked My Girlfriend" and "We Sold Our Sperm for Rock & Roll," offsetting a more serious obsession with J.R.R. Tolkien, made evident by songs like "Helm's Deep" and "Flight of the Nazgul." In 2003, the much-delayed On High saw new singer Will Naga (ex-Novena) joining Murder 1's colorfully named lineup of Iceberg (guitar), Job the Raver (bass), Boy Toy (piano, keys), and Bram Phetamine (drums). 


1 Put It On
2 Better Off Dead
3 Flight Of The Nazgul
4 American Junkie
5 Girlfriend
6 No Woman No Cry
7 We Don't Get High
8 Bulletproof Vest
9 We Sold Our Sperm
10 Gospel 2
11 Last Man Standing
12 Anthem # 3
13 Cakeboy's Lament


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