19 June 2014

THE GIANT MUMS self titled 1993

by request

The Giant Mums were a band from New York City active from late 1989 through the start of 1997. The various lineups consisted of Mark Davis (guitar & vocals), David Roby (guitar & vocals), Chris McCumber (drums), Dan Carlson (bass), John Tanzer (bass, guitar, vocals), and Wharton Tiers (drums & engineering).
The Giant Mums weren’t meant to be contenders—promotion of any kind seems to have been anathema to them, requests for interviews were usually forgotten about, and their live appearances could be best described as “sporadic” (and they only played outside the safety of the island of Manhattan once). Not exactly the fast track to rock ‘n’ roll stardom…

The Giant Mums were officially formed in New York in October of 1989, when David Roby and Mark Davis, two strangers introduced by a mutual friend, decided to form a band. Mark recruited one of his college acquaintances, Chris McCumber (veteran of countless punk & hardcore bands from high school on), to play drums. The trio, two guitars and one drummer, began rehearsing in earnest.

An ad in the venerable Village Voice brought them Dan Carlson, a fluid bassist and singer/songwriter. With Mark’s roommate Dom as a manager the band set forth to get some gigs. Their proud debut was at CBGBs, before the old sound system was dismantled (and now sadly(?) the whole place has been torn down). A tape from the soundboard gave them a demo to start taking around. Immediately the Mums starting gigging wherever they could—Downtown Beirut II on Houston (a lousy PA but they gave you free pitchers of beer after the show).


1 Short Attention Span
2 Wond'rous Spiny Creature
3 Minutes Later, Nothing Gets Out Every Stain
4 We Made It Sing
5 Speedpills Velocilous!
6 Reflectone
7 Mossy Said
8 Sheep In The Blacklight Room
9 Trashly Fay
10 Thread
11 Yer Mudball
12 Deny, Delay
13 Seen You Mini-sad

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