13 August 2016

BAXENDALE You Will Have Your Revenge 1999

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You Will Have Your Revenge
One person's alternative is another's refried classic rock, which is what makes the amusing retro/modern treats of England's Baxendale -- embracing a self-described ethos of "cool Europop sparkle, Britney beats, and Phat Disco Drama" -- such fun. Tracing a line of descent via the Human League, Edwyn Collins, and the Pet Shop Boys, as well as later blenders of dancefloor and wit as Orlando and St. Etienne, the trio emerged in the late-'90s London scene and swiftly won friends (and enemies) via a string of singles and performances. Consisting of singer and synth player Tim Benton, fellow vocalist and keyboardist Senay Sargut, and guitarist Alex Mayor, the three-piece collected its various efforts onto a debut collection in 2000 You Will Have Your Revenge, released in America by the like-minded souls at Le Grand Magistery. At times the group seems to arch for its own good, but in a world of earnestly stupid bore merchants, that's actually a plus. 


1 Music For Girls 5:14
2 (I've Blown It) Big Time 4:23
3 The Future... 2:57
4 Hanging Out With Her 3:19
5 Switzerland 4:59
6 I Love The Sound Of Dance Music (Parts 1 + 2) 9:39
7 Contact Lenses 3:18
8 Je Serai Espionne 3:13
9 Neato 3:41
10 The Nineteen Sixties 4:24
11 Battery Acid 4:29
12 Electric Trains 3:52

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