21 August 2016

QUADRAJETS Alabama Hip Shake 1996

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When I Lay My Burden Down
Southern trash rockers the Quadrajets originally assembled frontman the Cheetah, guitarists Roman Hardwick P.I. and Jerome J. Jerome, bassist Catfish Plate and drummer Red Truth (the latter replaced in time by K.Y. Van Zant). The band debuted in the spring of 1995 with the Sympathy for the Record Industry LP When I Lay My Burden Down, followed a year later by Alabama Hip Shake; in the wake of completing 1998's Pay the Deuce, Van Zant was paralyzed in an auto accident, and with new drummer J.R.R. Tokken, the remaining Quadrajets forged on to record 2000's When the World's on Fire. It proved to be the last studio album for the group, who broke up the following year, though not before releasing a live album, If The Good Lord's Willing. Cheetah and Tokken later teamed up for the punk-blues duo The Immortal Lee County Killers. 


1 Dixie Speedway 3:09
2 Blaster 3:10
3 Big Honey 3:22
4 Hellfire Missile 1 3:03
5 Black Friday 3:16
6 The Rosedale Sons Of Kong 4:15
7 Stone Cold Kickin' It (At Giza) 2:58
8 Computer Age 3:11
9 40Wt. Dope 2:43
10 Bad Motherfuckin' Bitch 3:39
11 I Wanna Do Everything To You 1:49
12 Goodbye Trans Am 10:00

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