29 August 2016

MUCHACHA self titled 1997

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Artist Biography by

The Chicago, IL trio Muchacha -- Alex Acevedo (guitar and vocals), Mike Ronek (bass), and Trent Anderson (drums) is a self-described "rock band with really loud guitars and super-fast drums." And if you're a fan of such reckless punk-pop as Foo Fighters and Superchunk, chances are you'll dig the energetic rock of Muchacha. Although the band lists such 70's acts as Blondie, the Ramones, and the Damned as their chief influences, the music on their self-titled debut album (released on the Slipdisc label in 1997) is much similar to their 90's contemporaries. Still, the band has the talent and know-how to come up with some very catchy and strong material - - a combination of precise bashing with (thankfully) underproduced sounds.


1 Evelyn Mason
2 Cashed Out
3 Ugly Truth
4 Coffin Girl
5 Dead Right
6 Joy Ride
7 Lost Again
8 Horse Power
9 Lou Reed's Dead
10 Checkered Past
11 Gold Star For Robot Boy
12 Sub-zero
13 Elephant Shoes

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