06 August 2016

SMART WENT CRAZY Now We're Even 1996


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Now We're Even
Easily the most cynical of the D.C. Dischord bands, Smart Went Crazy combine the Psychedelic Furs-like ironic and honest portraits of their surrounding scene with well-orchestrated, edgy punk in the vein of Shudder to Think. The band started as a studio project with Chad Clark (vox, guitar, piano), Abram Goodrich (bass), and Hilary Soldati (vox, cello) and added Tony Dennison on drums to record the Cubbyhole EP released on their own label Cozy Disc. They began playing live shows as a quintet with Jeff Boswell on guitar and farfisa in their native Washington D.C. and Devin Ocampo came in after Dennison late in 1997. Their 1996 full-length, Now We're Even, begins the band's ultra-black humor and noisy brand of art-punk. Con Art shows the band at their best with razor-sharp portraits of old lovers and depraved friends falling over Ocampo's mid-tempo tumult drumming and Soldati/Clark's sing-sneer vocals. The group disbanded shortly after their 1998 tour. Ocampo now has an instrumental rock band named Faraquet. 


Now We're Even
1 Smart Went Crazy Best And Final Offer
2 Smart Went Crazy Spy Vs. Spy
3 Smart Went Crazy Null Set
4 Smart Went Crazy I Liked You Better When You Were Sick
5 Smart Went Crazy Sugar In Your Gas Tank
6 Smart Went Crazy That Which Is In The Way
7 Smart Went Crazy Gentleman Caller
8 Smart Went Crazy Garden Variety Hate Song
9 Smart Went Crazy Pallbearer's Blues
10 Smart Went Crazy Domestic Tension
11 Smart Went Crazy Love Goes Blank
12 Smart Went Crazy Gold Star
13 Smart Went Crazy Intermission

The Royal We EP
14 Abram* Eat Zero X-Ray
15 Chad* Blackbird B-Side
16 Hilary* M. Amazon
17 Jeff* Wilt
18 Tony* Clown

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