16 August 2016

DECONSTRUCTION Deconstruction 1994

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Deconstruction was a one-off project of two former members of Jane's Addiction, bassist Eric Avery and guitarist Dave Navarro. The group was originally to have also included former Jane's drummer Stephen Perkins, but Perkins opted to join up with Perry Farrell in Porno for Pyros, as newcomer Michael Murphy took his spot in the trio. Deconstruction issued a lone, self-titled album in 1994 for Warner Bros., but failed to support the release with a tour -- leading to the recording sinking from sight shortly after its release. Navarro would later go on to join the Red Hot Chili Peppers, record a solo album, and participate in several Jane's Addiction reunion tours, while Avery declined to take part in the Jane's reunions, opting to concentrate a new band, Polar Bear. 


1 L.A. Song 6:02
2 Single 6:45
3 Get At 'Em 4:29
4 Iris 4:40
5 Dirge 5:53
6 Fire In The Hole 5:52
7 Son 3:07
8 Big Sur 5:41
9 Hope 3:49
10 One 5:32
11 America 7:02
12 Sleepyhead 3:09
13 Wait For History 6:03
14 That Is All 1:10
15 Kilo 2:09


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