29 August 2016

MOVIETONE Day and Night 1997


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The Blossom Filled Streets
Formed in Bristol, England in 1994, Movietone displayed its quiet, sensual songs on a number of releases in the mid '90s for the Planet, Domino, and Drag City labels. Band members Florence Lovegrove, Matt Elliott, Rachel Brook, Kate Wright, and Matt Jones issued two 7"s with Planet before their self-titled full-length debut came out in 1996 -- two more 7's would follow before their Drag City debut, Day and Night, in 1997. The band then went on a three-year hiatus before producing their next full-length, The Blossom Filled Streets, in the summer of 2000. Like their previous releases, The Blossom Filled Streets is gentle and complex, with a light touch that shows how much the band has grown. 


1 Sun Drawing 3:57
2 Blank Like Snow 2:40
3 Useless Landscape 5:01
4 Summer 7:14
5 Night Of The Acacias 5:45
6 Noche Marina 4:47
7 The Crystallisation Of Salt At Night 9:47

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