18 August 2016

SUPERSCOPE Generally Electric EP 1995


Artist Biography by

The Popping Crease
A fashion of heavy guitar riffs and power-pop harmonies became a part of Superscope's sound upon their formation in 1994. Combining the chemistry of Shane Bolton (drums), Kevin Borruso (guitar/vocals), and Gerry McAvoy (bass), Citadel Records first captured the trio's pop-metal hybrid on their 1995 debut of Generally Electric. But after contributing to two Bomp Record compilations in 1996 -- Windmill Pop On Top and Windmill Laugh While you Can -- Superscope took a six month hiatus while playing under the moniker of Reuben Kinkaide. Following their return in 1997, Spinning Top Records followed with the release of the 1997 EP Popping Crease


1 Home & Away 3:06
2 Replacement 2:38
3 Windmill 3:13
4 Dead 4:36
5 Cow 3:15
6 Constipate 4:00

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