18 August 2016

SUB DEBS She's So Control 1999

Thanks to Jim


Artist Biography by

Punk-pop trio the SubDebs was formed in the perennial indie hotbed of Olympia, WA by singer/bassist Star Athena following the break-up of her previous band, the Flying Tigers; rounding out the line-up with singer/guitarist Brooke and drummer James, the group issued their debut cassette on K, returning with the full-length She's So Control in the fall of 1999. 


1 12XU
2 Picture Phone
3 Please Understand
4 Give it Up
5 Hypnotized
6 Damage Control
7 German Love Song
8 Don't Mess With Us
9 Overtime
10 No Good Man
11 Let's Go
12 My War
13 Man With the Golden Arm
14 Into the Night

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