01 August 2016

SPACE BIKE Lunch O Mat 1997


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Formed in 1994, the trio of Casey Virock (guitar, vocals), David Reinders (bass), and Brian Meusy (drums), wasted no time getting their shit together. Armed with a Tascam 388 8-track recorder, they quickly rehearsed and recorded a 7-song demo, jumped into a Ford Econoline van and played out of town as much as their crappy jobs would allow. Before the end of the year they played across the U.S., performed at the Independent Music Seminar in San Diego and shared the stage with Babes in Toyland, Everclear, Possum Dixon, Buck Pets, and Tripmaster Monkey. In 1995, Space Bike saw the release of the “Carnival”/”In a Jar” 7” single in clear vinyl on Zero Budget Records. The record was released to hundreds of college radio stations and press outlets. Many fine reviews and shows followed. The single found it’s way into a used bin in a record store in Los Angeles where it was picked up by Chris Cass of Che' Trading Limited (London, UK). He liked it. Papers were signed and Space Bike released a split 7” single with London band Ligament on shiny silver vinyl. The single reached 23 on the UK Melody Maker singles chart and was aired by the famous British D.J., Mr. John Peel. More shows, more nice reviews. Another gatefold double split 7” with Bombpop, Hick, and Norm's Headache was released on Zero Budget Records in March of 1996. In 1997, Space Bike played with the Melvins, Babes in Toyland, Everclear, Walt Mink, The Poster Children, and aMiniature. In November, they released the seven song EP "Lunch O Mat" on compact disc to very nice reviews indeed. They added Jon Nygren on guitar, played with The Descendents, Frank Black, and No Knife. Space Bike broke up in 1998.
The sound of Space Bike lives on in Casey and Dave's new band Porcupine.


1 Fly 3:07
2 Big Daddy 4:07
3 Cobwebs & Wire 2:29
4 Bam Bam 3:09
5 Name Game 2:45
6 Underdog 3:57
7 Wind Monkey 13:39

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