08 December 2016

ELEVATOR THROUGH Vague Premonition 1999

by request

If I didn't know this was released in 1999, I might have guessed from the sound that it came from outer space 1969. This is dreamy, spaced out psychedelic music.

AllMusic Review by

From the ashes of Elevator to Hell and Eric's Trip, Elevator brings back to the top floor the sludge, stoner rock to the '70s and the trippy, inexplicable visions of early Pink Floyd -- all on one CD. Consider the cover of Syd Barrett's "No Good Trying," rife with laser-sound effects and echo, and the very similar original "Foggy Sea." This piece employs the same simplistic, hypnotic type of descending guitar line with arrangement and production reminiscent of Alice Cooper's "Pretties for You." Now consider the rock dog showcase that is the heavy, groove music of the oddly titled "The Only See to Thought." Elevator's murky musings are the analog of a revealing drug experience. Vague Premonition is the heightened, spiritual awareness of being high with the nasty side effects of hangover and illegality. From the remote stretches of Canada's New Brunswick, Elevator vaults off on a tube-driven journey into inner space -- leave your inhibitions behind and get to know yourself. 


1 Energy 2:22
2 Rain 3:52
3 The Maze 2:40
4 No Good Trying 2:51
5 Foggy Sea 2:41
6 An Early Raining April Morn 3:14
7 The Only See To Thought 1:57
8 Comfortable, But Almost 2:50
9 Cut Out The Wick 5:16
10 The Grip On Me 4:38
11 Deep Underground 2:14
12 Fluidmonogleestran 4:08
13 Vague Premonition 6:16

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