26 December 2016

THE IDS Psycho Babylon 1997

Thanks to Jim
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Taking their cues from Guided By Voices, Canada's Ids lo-fi their way through 16 songs of varying length and quality. Not all tunes here are pleasing to listen to casually, but on a whole, they are all pieces of a picture that attracts as well as repels. Highlights include "Atomic City" and the title track. 


1 Atomic City
2 Monkeys In Cages
3 Locked In A Room
4 Pimps In It
5 Blue Skies
6 Kids These Days
7 Spiritual Debris
8 Rainbow Enemy
9 Heavy Mellow
10 Tom
11 Pain And Beauty
12 Weatherman
13 Me Brown Man
14 Prozac Morning
15 Summer Of 1999
16 Bones

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