10 December 2016

THE FLASHING LIGHTS Where The Change Is 1999

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Where the Change Is
The Flashing Lights first started as a '60s cover band that played around Halifax when guitarist/vocalist Matt Murphy wasn't busy with his primary band, the Super Friendz. After the Friendz disbanded in 1997, Murphy moved to Toronto with longtime friend and bassist Henri Sangalang, and the two soon added keyboardist Gaven Dianda and drummer Steve Pitkin to the Lights' lineup. The group focused on the '60s sound and influences like the Kinks, Game Theory, and the Who. The band played locally, building a solid fan base, while recording their first album. Rather than hassling with a label, the band released the full-length Where the Change Is independently. In fall 1999, the Lights toured with the Local Rabbits and Thrush Hermit; Where the Change Is was released in the U.S. in the spring of 2000.

1 Where The Change Is 3:05
2 Highschool 2:22
3 Half The Time 3:02
4 Heart Like Mine 3:50
5 Rotary Hotel 4:25
6 Summertime Climb 2:50
7 Where Do The Days Go? 4:07
8 Talk To The Hand 2:58
9 The Unattached 4:31
10 The Patient You Forgot To See 2:31
11 Elevature 3:36
12 Day Like That 2:49
13 Gone Are The Good Times 4:39

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