01 December 2016

MAGNOG More Weather 1997

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The origins of Magnog are in band Space Helmet, which essentially split up into Magnog and Hovercraft, c. 1993. (Magnog's drummer and Hovercraft's guitarist are brothers.) Magnog's lineup consisted of Jeff Reilly (bass, guitar), Dana Shinn (drums), and Phil Drake (guitar), with all three also singing and playing keyboards. After sending three ninety-minute demo tapes of lengthy improvised jams, recorded between 1994 and 1997, to Kranky, the trio recorded an album for the label with Jessamine's Andy Brown as producer. The eponymous album was released in 1996, drawing comparisons with early 1970s Pink Floyd and 1970s German Krautrock bands such as Ash Ra Tempel and early Tangerine Dream.[1]
The following year, tracks from the demo tapes were selected for release as the double CD More Weather.The band went on to play the Vienna Jazz Festival and performed with Pearl Jam and Neil Young for the Pearl Jam fan club in Seattle. After the band broke up, Reilly made further records as Octal, including an album for former Spacemen 3 member Sonic Boom's label, Space Age Records.
Magnog returned to live activity with shows in the Pacific Northwest in 2011.[2]
Phil Drake died on November 8th, 2015.[3]


1-1 More Weather 8:10
1-2 Tear Catching Current 4:07
1-3 Vacant Chair 0:50
1-4 Chopstick 12:52
1-5 Our Texture 3:57
1-6 Arc Of Infinity 0:59
1-7 Somewhere Between Asleep And Awake 10:13
1-8 Waiting Leaves 1:30
1-9 Mystery Goodness 31:03
2-1 Between Stones 1:02
2-2 Ocean Floor Sleep 14:43
2-3 Ghost Squid 3:53
2-4 Asleep At Light Speed 6:28
2-5 Goom Chi Pan 2:05
2-6 26 Times 14:21
2-7 Goom Chi Pan (Reprise) 2:29
2-8 Pattern Sifter 2:15
2-9 Signatures 22:47


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