20 December 2016

THE WOGGLES Get Tough! 1997


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Drawing their inspiration from the raw nostalgia of '60s rock, the Woggles added their own hybrid of surf, R&B, rockabilly, and blues upon their 1987 formation. Based out of Athens, Georgia, the band eventually released a handful of EPs on Zontar, Estrus, and Lance Rock Records between 1990 and 1993, and Estrus Records packaged the band's first full-length, Teen Dance Party, in 1993. Following the Zontar Sessions album a year later on Estrus, Telstar Records put out the Woggles' third full-length, Get Tough!, in 1997, with another batch of 7"s in between. The mini-album Wailin' with the Woggles came out on One Louder Records the following year, and was in turn followed by a steady march of singles, EPs, and full-lengths, all based on a classic garage rock foundation, including Fractured (2000), Ragged But Right (2004), Soul Sizzling 7' Meltdown (2004), Live! At the Star Bar (2005), Rock and Roll Backlash (2007), Tempo Tantrum (2009), and The Big Beat (2013). 


1 Get Tough 2:01
2 Something To Believe In 2:26
3 Zombie Stomp 1:26
4 It's Too Late 3:02
5 Push 3:16
6 Snap Your Fingers 2:27
7 Mule-Lipped 2:57
8 Don't Give Me No Sass 2:08
9 Fuse Is Lit 2:55
10 Arthur Lee 2:44
11 Do Just What I Say 1:53
12 Rattle Her Bones 2:15
13 Special Friend 2:17
14 See Me Go 2:41

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