01 December 2016

THE PLUMS Gun 1994

Thanks to Adams

The Plums

In 1992, Kennedy-McCracken formed indie pop four-piece The Plums with guitarist Steve Moffat and drummer Shamus Goble; all three had previously played in the band Jack and the Beanstalk. They were joined by Pete McCracken on bass guitar.[10] According to rock music historian Ian McFarlane, "The Plums mixed strident guitar riffs with melodic pop roots. Kennedy was the band's focal point with her tough-but-graceful presence, opinionated views and emotion-charged, if imperfect, vocals".[10]
The band released two EPs on Mushroom's Temptation label, Au Revoir Sex Kitten and Read All Over.[10] The album Gun followed in 1994. The band's final recording was the Heavenly EP, released in 1995. The band broke up the same year.


1 Gun 3:21
2 All The Way Back 4:44
3 Baby 3:33
4 Find This Anywhere 3:46
5 Is It The Way 4:42
6 Pretty Face 3:52
7 Frame Eye 3:18
8 Axeman 3:51
9 Why Don't You Say 4:30
10 The Trip 3:26
11 When You Come Over 5:06

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