30 December 2016

NECTARINE Sterling Beat 1994

by request
 A cross between Pavement, The Grifters and Small 23.

From The Daily Nebraskan:

Nectarine is the Raphael of indie rock. Much like the master of old, this modest little Chicago band takes from the work around it, absorbs its best attributes and makes them its own. This is not theft, but merely contemporary influence, mostly from Bob Weston produced bands. The band's debut, "Sterling Beat," has the pulse of the underground scene, but a style all its own.Pavement's feedback, their hometown's affinity for powerful guitars, and the wimp rock sound are all drawn upon and improved with a dynamic rhythm section, Pablo Koller's vocals, and an ever-changing melody. It's amazing the wide range of highs and lows they achieved working on the equipment used and without a studio.The album has its fair share of pop tunes, like "My Good Friend" and "Trust Fund," which never deviate from the indie ethic and get too sweet to rot any credibility and reduce them to the cheapness of Ezra.The highest quality tracks are instrumentals, such as those that open up each side, "Nectarine" and "Breakfast,"which are a bit too brooding, but impressive nonetheless.But Nectarine's shiniest moments are when, as Eric Bachman would say, it's rocking out on louder efforts like "Bleach,Sunny Day Chicago," and "3939," which would blow even Dischord reps away, but manages to avoid hardcore and stay harmlessly wimpy.If you have the means, buy the vinyl copy. It's quite a delight, featuring better cover art, and plenty of cool inserts. One is a series of fake stories on the band,complete with equally false pictures, and a map of Chicago,highlighting its hippest spots, like the best places for burritos."Sterling Beat" is a nice profile of the independent scene, and with its first full-length just out, Nectarine has already proven itself as indeed one of the masters.
-- Matt Kudlacz


1 Nectarine
2 Bleach
3 My Good Friend
4 Autopilot
5 Trust Fund
6 Tenth Grade Nothing
7 Penmanship And Teller
8 This One's For Andy
9 Breakfast
10 Repeat It
11 Shoegazer
12 Go
13 Sunny Day Chicago
14 3939
15 Can You Take Me Back

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