17 December 2016

THE WENDYS Gobbledygook 1991

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If timing is truly everything, then the Wendys had the misfortune of releasing their debut album shortly before the collapse of their record label, U.K. indie powerhouse Factory. Comprised of John Renton (vocals), Ian White (guitar), Johnny MacArthur (drums), and Arthur Renton (bass), the Wendys rode on a wave of critical acclaim -- and the usual hype from Factory's Tony Wilson -- when they emerged from Edinburgh, Scotland, in the early '90s. As the hysteria created by the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays began to dwindle, the Wendys were voted into "next big thing" status. Superstar producer Ian Broudie produced the group's 1991 debut, Gobbledygook, and while it was lauded by critics, the LP was overlooked by the public. When Factory hit the skids, it dragged the band with them; as grunge took command of the airwaves, there was no room for the Wendys' Madchester-inspired guitar pop. In 1999, Starshaped released the band's long-awaited second album, Sixfootwingspan.


1 Something's Wrong Somewhere
2 Pulling My Fingers Off
3 Half Blind
4 Suckling
5 Removal
6 Gobbledygook
7 I Want You And I Want Your Friend
8 Soon Is Fine
9 Half Pie
10 I Feel Lovely
11 The Sun's Going To Shine For Me Soon

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