05 September 2016

CIGAR STORE INDIANS self titled 1995


Artist Biography by

The Atlanta-based rockabilly combo Cigar Store Indians formed in 1993 after the breakup of frontman Ben Friedman's previous band, the alternative rockers IBM. After enlisting Jim "Low Note" Lavender on guitar, Keith Perissi on bass, and Francis "Fast Pedal" Ferran on drums, the band grew quickly from an underground sensation to one of the Atlanta club scene's most popular acts. After releasing a cassette on a local label in 1994, the Cigar Store Indians made their formal bow with a 1995 self-titled LP. 


1 Hot Rod Concerto
2 This Town Ain't Cool
3 Pinstripe Suit
4 Jailbait
5 Arms Around Me
6 Mother Of The Bride
7 Time To Rock
8 Crazy About You
9 Who Dat?
10 Hide And Seek
11 Barfly
12 Sacred Was The Night
13 Six Sheets To The Wind
14 Come Back
15 Mating Call

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