16 September 2016

TUGBOAT ANNIE Wake Up & Disappear 1997

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Since they made their debut in 1992, Tugboat Annie have maintained their style of aggressively bouncy noise pop into their native scene of Boston. Consisting of Mike Bethmann (vocals/ guitar), Jay Celeste (guitar), Jon Sulkow (bass) and Tim Barrett (drums), the band started their discography with a split seven-inch between Crazy Alive in 1993 and again with Milf the following year. Sonic Bubblegum Records eventually followed through and released their next EP entitled Jack Knife before putting out Tugboat Annie's first full-length Superfriends, both of which came out in 1995. After signing with Big Top Records in 1996, their second album Wake Up And Disappear came out in 1997 with a full-scale tour of the United States in support for the remainder of the year. Upon their return to Boston, Tugboat Annie's Separation Songs EP followed in 1998; The Space Around You appeared two years later. 


1 American Special
2 Posterboy
3 Vendetta
4 King of the Stax
5 Suicide Shoes
6 Taped Up
7 William Tell
8 High Life
9 745
10 Transmission
11 Push It Over into Space

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