29 September 2016

THE DRAG Satellites Beaming Back At You 1996

Thanks to Jim

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Satellites Beaming Back at You
Although the Drag is obviously influenced by the '90s wave of Brit-pop, Oasis in particular, the quintet actually hails from South Carolina. Chance (vocals), Trey McManus (guitar), Nick McNeill (guitar), Billy King (bass), and Chris Tucker (drums) released a self-titled EP on Flipside in 1994 before snaring a deal with Island. Their full-length debut, Satellites Beaming Back at You, was issued in 1996. 


1 Quiet Feel 4:17
2 Eat Your Heart Out 2:50
3 Our Race Cars 4:09
4 Sterling 3:54
5 Comfort Pill 3:54
6 Another Shade 3:27
7 Die A Little 4:25
8 Fountainbleau 8:33
9 Superstar 8 4:31
10 Why Haven't You Written 3:10

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