03 September 2016

THE POOP ALLEY TAPES A Compilation Of 31 Los Angeles Bands 1995

by request


1-1 The Rentals California
1-2 Benett* Love On The Rocks
1-3 Recess Study No. 1 For Symphony No. 1
1-4 Josh Haden Ten Nights
1-5 Jackknife Teenage Blues
1-6 that dog. Ridiculous
1-7 Too Much Girl Fascinating Girl
1-8 Radies Man Honkie Tonky Woman
1-9 The Strawberry Jams Kinda Sorta Maybe
1-10 Rump Alan's Got An Axe To Grind
1-11 Crib Sty
1-12 Fleabag Fading Fast
1-13 The Haves Nevadaesque
1-14 The Neptunas Hot Custom Long Board
1-15 Bobby & The Magic Pacer Drinking Dogs
1-16 Waldo The Dog Faced Boy Turkey's Lament
1-17 Speculum Fight Hello There Chico
1-18 Rod Poole Excerpt From The Composition "Dark Light Approaching Reason"
2-1 Polar Goldie Cats Reverb Wa Doko
2-2 Geraldine Fibbers* He Stopped Loving Her Today
2-3 Beck Girl Of My Dreams
2-4 June Blake Adam In June
2-5 Lowercase My Shame Your Shame
2-6 Kryptonite Nixon Whiffle Ball
2-7 Charles Brown Superstar Solid Gold
2-8 Shady Ladies Of The Mother Lode Moistened
2-9 Danny Frankel Rainbow Wig On Haight St.
2-10 Brown Cow Out?
2-11 Nastassya Filippovna Ungodly Purple Watt
2-12 Vector 3Niner The Deep Complexity Of Quotidian Chaos (Let's Vector)
2-13 Slug (6) Silver Man

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