29 September 2016

HERE Brooklyn Bank 1998

Thanks to Luis
 Trip hop from Italy
Meathead is probably one of the worst crossover groups I have ever heard. That is why it comes as a big surprise that Italian Meathead member M. Teho Teardo has teamed up with ex Cop Shoot Cop member J F Coleman and recorded "Brooklyn Bank", an album that, at times, is truly great.
The two call themselves Here, and combine sampled sounds with live instruments. Far from a new idea, but Here manage to give the material an unusually organic feel, perhaps due to the contributions from among others David Ouimet (who has played with Motherhead Bug and in the Foetus live band) and Bill Bronson of Swans. The music incorporates genres like drum'n'bass, electronica, rock, and pop, but what really makes Here stand out is that they insist on sticking to song structures. The whole album has a very melancholic atmosphere, which is further accentuated by mellow strings.
Three tracks are guested by Lydia Lunch, and she adds a desperate, sexually charged atmosphere. Three other songs feature singer Carolyn Coleman, and in particular the album ending "Pain", which revolves around her vocals, bears a sad, emotional strength. Unfortunately, neither of the two main Here men are very good singers, so the tracks where they are left on their own feel like they lack something.  


1 Cello 4:48
2 Turco 4:20
3 Apart 4:40
4 Coatless 5:24
5 Over 4:27
6 Kimbo 2:28
7 Hacke 4:55
8 No Truck 3:54
9 Scava 5:33
10 A Bit Of Red 3:08
11 Missin' 4:44
12 Pain 4:34


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