12 September 2016

LOOSE DIAMONDS Burning Daylight 1993

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Burning Daylight
Roots-rockers Loose Diamonds got their start in Dayton, Ohio as the Highwaymen, but changed their name after arriving in Austin, Texas, in the late '80s; the group, which consisted of "Scrappy" Jud Newcomb (guitar and vocals), Troy Campbell (vocals, harmonica and acoustic guitar), Mike Campbell (bass) and Ian Bailey (drums), blended influences including Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen as well as a wide range of blues, R&B and country musicians. In 1993, Loose Diamonds issued their debut LP, Burning Daylight, followed two years later by New Location. Fresco Fiasco an all-acoustic, seven-song mini album, appeared in 1996. 


1 Wake Up Baby 3:53
2 Last Ones 4:06
3 Advice 3:27
4 Jenny Please 3:26
5 725 2:33
6 All I Know 3:55
7 How Much I Lost 4:06
8 Kentucky Eyes 4:00
9 Side Of The Road 3:42
10 Downtown 4:07
11 Heavens To The Ground 3:32

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