29 September 2016

THE HIGH FIVES And A Whole Lotta You! 1997

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The Hi-Fives describe themselves as "beat-punk," which is a fairly accurate description; they've basically updated the garagey side of 1960s British beat music by channeling it through modern pop and punk. It's a sound that's interesting at first -- a lot like the frantic energy of rockabilly -- but beyond that, there's not much in the Hi-Fives' songs to make the album interesting. And a Whole Lotta You blasts through 16 songs (14 of them under two minutes), including a cover of Gloria Jones's "Tainted Love" -- and in the end, nothing really sticks out aside from their ability to bash furiously through a song before you've even noticed its melody. For those fascinated with garage, beat, and rockabilly, it's certainly a worthwhile album, but for anyone else, the Hi-Fives are the sort of band that's best heard at a cheap live show.


1 It's Up To You 1:52
2 It Begins With You 1:33
3 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) 1:32
4 Time Is Now 1:48
5 No-No 1:20
6 All I Want To Know 1:37
7 Words Of Love 2:02
8 Bad Connection 1:41
9 I'll Take You There 1:50
10 Say What You Want 1:32
11 You Can 2:24
12 Black And Blue 1:53
13 A Whole Lotta You 1:46
14 Peaquod 1:53
15 Shhh! 1:46
16 Tainted Love 1:37

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