06 June 2018

3 COLOURS RED Revolt 1999

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So named in honor of the classic film by Krzysztof Kieslowski, British punk revivalists 3 Colours Red were comprised of singer/bassist Pete Vukovic, guitarists Chris McCormack and Ben Harding, and drummer Keith Baxter. Formed in London in 1996, the group scored an underground hit with its Fierce Panda label debut, "This Is My Hollywood"; the single's success brought 3 Colours Red to the attention of Creation Records honcho Alan McGee, who immediately signed the band to release the follow-up "Nuclear Holiday." Two more singles, "Sixty Mile Smile" and "Pure," preceded the release of their full-length debut, also titled Pure; an EP, Paralyse, followed in late 1998 prior to the appearance of the second 3CR album, 1999's Revolt. The group disbanded later that year, playing its farewell dates at the Reading/Leeds Festival in late August.


1 This Is My Time 3:46
2 Pirouette 4:14
3 Beautiful Day 4:19
4 Song On The Radio 4:07
5 Calling To The Outside 3:37
6 Intermission 4:21
7 Paralyse 3:19
8 Cancel The Exhibition 3:44
9 Paranoid People 3:09
10 Back To The City 4:01
11 Be Myself 2:50
12 Age Of Madness 2:20

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