11 June 2018

SUPAFUZZ self titled 1998


Artist Biography by

After the collapse of the Lexington, KY, rock outfit Black Cat Bone in the early '90s, guitarist/vocalist David Angstrom decided to form a new heavy rock band in 1993. Dubbed Supafuzz, after the 1970s guitar pedal, Angstrom, bassist Dean Smith, and Chris Hardesty began playing shows around the local scene. Following some lineup changes, the group released two LPs, the self-titled Supafuzz and All About the Rock. Since 1994, Supafuzz has been playing shows in and around the Kentucky area. It wasn't until original drummer Chris Hardesty left, however, that the group recorded the 11-song LP Pretty Blank Page for the indie label Violently Hip with Hardesty's replacement, Chris Leathers. The New York-based Gotham Records caught wind of the band and signed them on in the fall of 1998. The imprint re-released Pretty Blank Page as a self-titled LP shortly thereafter, adding three new songs to the 11 pre-existing ones. Following the re-release, bassist Dean Smith left and was replaced by Jason Groves. Supafuzz released their second full-length LP, All About the Rock, on Gotham Records in the fall of 2000. 


1 Superstar 3:10
2 Push 3:16
3 Bushhog 4:12
4 Long Way Home 4:57
5 Under A Gun 3:20
6 You Don't Even Know Me... 2:41
7 Welcome To Another Day In The Life Of A Fool 3:16
8 Mr. Policeman 4:33
9 Downed 4:22
10 Unglued 3:10
11 Pretty Blank Page 3:30
12 Hollow 2:53
13 Breathe 3:05
14 Joke 3:52
15 Untitled 9:01

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