08 June 2018



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The indie trio Flin Flon was one of countless projects spearheaded by Mark Robinson, the onetime frontman of Unrest as well as the founder of the TeenBeat Records label. Formed in September 1997 expressly to record three new Robinson tracks, Flin Flon (also including True Love Always' Matt Datesman on drums and ex-Cold Cold Hearts bassist Nattles) became an ongoing concern early the following year; debuting with the single "Swift Current," they issued the full-length A-OK a short time later.


1 Kamloops 2:40
2 Red Deer 2:51
3 Ukraina 2:34
4 Buffalo Narrows 3:31
5 Yellowknife 3:05
6 Moose Jaw 4:34
7 Odessa 4:01
8 Medicine Hat 2:04
9 Whitehorse 4:42
10 Colgate 3:01

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