08 June 2018

PELT For Michael Hannahs 1998

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Pelt is a trio formed in Richmond, VA, whose drones are influenced by psychedelia, modern composition, and, on albums such as 2001's Ayahuasca, Appalachian folk music and Indian raga. Its core members include Jack Rose, Mike Gangloff, and Patrick Best, but the band often collaborates with other artists and groups. After a few early singles, Pelt solidified its lineup and released its first album, Brown Cyclopaedia, on its own Radioactive Rat label in 1995; it was later reissued by VHF. Pelt's second album, Burning/Filament/Rockets, was also issued in 1995. The group released two albums in 1997, Snake to Snake and Max Meadows. The latter featured electric guitar-based drones that were dense and cathartic just as often as they were subdued and meditative. On Técheöd, released in 1998, the group branched out a bit, mixing instruments such as tabla, flute, and lap steel into a sound increasingly influenced by folk and ethnic music. The band followed Técheöd with Empty Bell Ringing in the Sky, which contained both home and live recordings, and Rob's Choice, a limited-edition live CD featuring Tom Carter of Charalambides on saxophone. 2001 saw the release of Ayahuasca as well as United Supreme Council Oastem Vibe Orchestra, a limited-edition live collaboration with Rake that was recorded in Richmond, VA, in 1997, and a collaboration with Keenan Lawler and Eric Clark entitled Keyhole.


1 Twin Sisters
2 Techeod
3 Mosquito
4 Kif
5 Other Particles
6 Transposed Roads
7 Pith
8 Bring Me The Head
9 Null
10 Goodwin's Ferry Sunrise

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