27 June 2018

PLEASURE THIEVES Simple Escape 1992

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There are some bands that were born in the wrong decade. Caught in between the sultry, danceable rock of INXS and Depeche Mode and the gloomy pop of Peter Murphy, the Pleasure Thieves certainly loved the ‘80s. Unfortunately, releasing a new wave album during the grunge hype of 1992 was a guarantee of failure, especially if it had any synthesizers. Consisting of the husky-voiced Sinjin-William Dolan, Desamond McLean (guitar), Nick Fawcett Kozonis (bass), Matt Everett (keyboards), and Andy J.G. (drums), the Pleasure Thieves recorded a single, "Chasing the Runaway", in 1988 prior to signing with Hollywood Records. In 1990, they appeared on the film soundtrack of Arachnophobia, covering the Who's "Boris the Spider". The group then released their debut full-length Simple Escape in 1992. Receiving scant promotion and even less airplay, Simple Escape quickly vanished in the cutout bins along with the band. The early ‘90s single "Blue Flowers" was discovered by new wave radio DJs in the Philippines in 2002, turning the obscure track into a collector's item.


1 Turn Me On 3:51
2 About You 4:24
3 Blue Flowers 4:07
4 Beautiful Disguise 3:51
5 Pictures Of Madness 6:22
6 Wild Miracle 4:14
7 My Favorite Drug 4:42
8 You Make Me Feel Right On 4:12
9 Without A Sound 4:28
10 Into The Arms Of Love 4:13
11 Blue Flowers (Orchestral) 4:27

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