08 June 2018



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Formed in Washington, D.C., in 1993, the Vehicle Birth only survived through three singles and one LP. The band was notoriously reclusive, never allowing photographs to be taken, rarely granting interviews, and staying as far from the limelight as possible. Their home base shifted several times from Boston to D.C., depending on the availability of shows. Their performances were manic, more than making up for the shyness away from the microphone. The showmanship of Timothy James was particularly noteworthy, both timid and confrontational to the few in the audience who did not enjoy their tuneful brand of math rock. After releasing "Tragedy" on Crank in 1998, the Vehicle Birth embarked on a swift tour, before breaking up in April of 1999.


1 Crack Farm 5:44
2 We Need To Find The Girls 5:09
3 Marathon 2:42
4 Sideshow 3:11
5 Lifehighschool 6:02
6 The Leaders Of Pursuit 3:08
7 Yankeedom 4:04
8 Daycap 5:26
9 One Mississippi 4:48
10 23 4:48
11 The Discovery Of Oxygen 5:05

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