28 June 2018

SIX CAR COLLISION Infinite Summer 1997


Six Car Collision is the one-man musical concern of Boston-born singer/songwriter Keith Ransom.

Ransom got his musical start as a teenager in the early 90’s indie trio Plankton. After making two studio albums over two years with them, the then 17 year old Ransom decided to build his own studio and start experimenting and making records by himself. 

Infinite Summer (1997) is the second album under the Six Car Collision moniker, and its songs are equal parts melodic guitar bombast, and intimate acoustic numbers. Raw and immediate sounding, Ransom’s songwriting is in the vein of his musical heroes; Bob Mould of Husker Du/Sugar fame, and Robert Pollard. Recorded on a Tascam 8-track machine, the album was written and recorded in just over ten days.    

Over the next 20 years, Ransom would set a prolific pace; going on to independently release over 25 full length albums, several E.P.’s and many side projects and collaborative efforts with other like minded artists including Atlanta based artist Charles Ryan Lambert, and Brett Warwick of the New York power pop band Trembling Turncoats.

In 2017, Ransom released a 25 track retrospective Six Car Collision compilation entitled Noise Treasury 1997-2017.

Ransom relocated to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada in 2007, and is still active under the Six Car Collision name, as well as with his side project, OHMWRECKER. 
  1. Tiger Feet
  2. For Sissy
  3. The Server
  4. Thank You
  5. Cartwheeling
  6. Love You the Same
  7. At Your Service
  8. Grafton's a Shithole
  9. (Intro) 4 Liana
10.  For Liana
11. Out for Rides
12. Dirty Lungs
13. Christmas Face

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