06 June 2018

THE BUDDYREVELLES September November 1998

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The individual members of the Texas-based Buddyrevelles were brought on together under the similar influences of Merge, Up, and Teenbeat Records. Consisting of Scott (bass), Dan (drums), and Aaron (guitar), the eventual results brought on a complex but melodic pop sense. By 1998, the three-piece eventually self-released their debut full-length, September, November


1 C'est Super
2 Port Riga
3 Mona's Pretty
4 Morse Code
5 6 Oz. Intro
6 I Broke My Car
7 Death Of The Buddyrevelles
8 Uwl
9 Bull Run!
10 The Crush
11 Six Hours On A Ladder
12 I'll Sell You A Picture
13 It's Super
14 Sept. /Nov.

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