02 June 2018

THE SOFTIES It's Love 1995

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It's Love
Borrowing their name from a British new wave group, the Softies were formed in 1994 by singer/guitarist Rose Melberg following the dissolution of her previous band, Tiger Trap. Upon relocating from Sacramento, CA, to Portland, OR, Melberg first established the trio Go Sailor, still a going concern when she teamed with Pretty Face alum (and publisher of the fanzine Sparkly Kitty Sticker) Jen Sbragia to found the Softies. The indie pop duo debuted in early 1995 with "Loveseat," a single issued on the Slumberland label; their gorgeous debut LP It's Love followed later in the year on Calvin Johnson's K label. After a self-titled 1996 Softies Self Titled 10", the Softies returned to K in early 1997 to issue their sophomore effort, Winter Pageant; at the same time, both Melberg and Sbragia also teamed with Class' Peter Green in the Three Peeps. Fall 2000 saw the release of their third album, Holiday in Rhode Island.


1 Hello Rain 3:39
2 I Love You More 2:48
3 Charms Around Your Wrist 3:08
4 Could I 2:16
5 Until You Tell 3:16
6 An Awful Mess 3:08
7 This House 2:41
8 It's Love 1:28
9 Alaska 2:26
10 Fragile, Don't Crush 3:06
11 Heart Condition 2:22
12 Follow Me 2:14
13 I Can't Get No Satisfaction, Thank God 2:59
14 Perfect Afternoon 2:52

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